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Graphene Commercialisation & Applications 2013

We would like to thank everyone who attended the summit. Please see these post event reports by Marko Spasenovic of Graphene Tracker:



In January 2013, the EU announced graphene as a billion euro technology flagship, signalling a continent-wide effort to advance the development of the revolutionary material to mass-market applications. This cements the understanding that scientific research must work alongside industry and market leaders to ensure development progresses towards industrially viable applications, rather than being confined to the lab.

Since graphene's discovery 9 years ago, an enormous number of potential applications have been identified. From sports equipment to the next generation in advanced electronics, the superlative properties of the "wonder material" have been seen as game changers in their respective fields.

However, many questions remain before the commercialisation of graphene can be realised:

  • What are the timelines and roadmaps for these applications?
  • Will material capability translate into device performance?
  • How much will the material cost and in what qualities and quantities will it be available?
  • Is production scalable?

As the only forum examining industry concerns, the Graphene Commercialisation And Applications Global Industry & Academia Collaboration Summit 2013 will address these vital issues, bringing together scientific experts as well as industry leaders to delve into the true commercial viability of graphene's applications, and steps required for scale up.

By addressing issues from production to product, the event will provide a unique opportunity to drive development in this new technology space, as well revealing the potential for cross sector collaboration.

Key Issues Discussed:
  • SUPPLY CHAIN AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP : Establishing The Technological Roadmap For Graphene Including Short, Medium And Long Term Use
  • BUSINESS LEADER PERSPECTIVES AND SECTOR REQUIREMENTS : Revealing Commercially Viable Applications Through Industry Needs
  • VERIFYING PROPERTIES TO IDENTIFY VIABLE APPLICATIONS : Exploring Available Physical Data To Distinguish Realistic Applications And Understand Where The Opportunities Lie For Your Business
  • COST PROJECTIONS : Examination Of Current And Projected Costs of Graphene For A More Comprehensive Assessment Of Investment Viability
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE IN SUPPLY AND PRODUCTION : Tackling Quality Of Supply To Identify Necessary Assurance Steps For Commercial Scale Up
  • SCALE-UP AND PROCESSING : Assessing The Techniques And Steps Required For Mass Production And Processing Scale-Up Of Graphene

Principal Engineer, Imagination Technologies

"I liked the agenda and learning about the developments in the car space, from a connected perspective"


The Only Summit Combining Cross Sector Industry Perspectives Alongside Cutting Edge Research Insights...

Attend To:

  • Understand the opportunities and limitations presented by graphene's existing and proposed material capabilities, including electrical and thermal conductivity, transmittance, strength, flexibility and weight
  • Gain perspectives from 20+ leading research experts and industry leaders as they detail views on the commercial viability of different applications alongside the timeline for their production and introduction
  • Explore the existing supply chain for graphene, with detailed analysis of production techniques, including roll to roll large scale low defect sheet graphene in order to assess the necessary steps for scale up
  • Examine existing and projected costs for different qualities of graphene, as well as assessing the necessity for repeatable quality assurance for commercially viable applications
  • Be a part of the first global collaboration summit bringing together different industries, research institutions and academics, to target research towards graphene's industrial uses and moving the material out of the lab
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